stephen akin

Vocalist · Songwriter

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Grateful For You
Step Inside
He Looked Beyond My Faults
The Holy City
Teach Me Your Ways

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A soulful rendering of a Christmas favorite featuring two of the best vocalists I know.

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VERSE is a series of web videos where I share a single verse of a song that inspires me.

Stephen Akin (àkin) is a songwriter, gospel/soul vocalist, and recording artist based in Atlanta, GA. Born in Southern California to a West African father and Caribbean mother, Stephen got his start singing at home with his family, but he wouldn’t find the courage to start singing publicly until he reached secondary school. By the time of his graduation he had participated in singing, performing, and songwriting with 7 different groups, including quartets, traveling ensembles, and church choirs while taking violin and voice lessons. He continued his classical vocal training and performance in college while joining a number of groups including the Alabama hall-of-fame vocal ensemble, the Oakwood College Aeolians. 
Stephen Akin has since shared his vocal gifts with audiences around the globe and with thousands of listeners through his YouTube channel. He has also made appearances on several internationally broadcasted Christian television networks. Stephen released his first recording project “The Response”, in 2017. Stephen’s hope is that all who hear him are inspired by a vision of God’s love for all people and the power of a life lived with purpose.
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